Who we serve

At Paz Organization, our unwavering commitment lies in serving and safeguarding working families. Our business model is specifically designed to deliver comprehensive support to the hardworking individuals who make up the backbone of our society.

Since 1951, American Income Life has embraced the principle of ‘Be Union – Buy Union,’ operating with unwavering dedication to the cause of labor. We are steadfastly committed to advancing the interests of workers whenever and wherever an opportunity arises. Whether it’s the field representatives who submit applications or the administrative staff at our Corporate Office, every action we take proudly bears the union label. This unyielding commitment defines who we are, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through our enduring partnership and unwavering support for organized labor, we have established a Labor Advisory Board consisting of over 50 esteemed international union leaders, representatives from the AFL-CIO, and ‘Change To Win’ advocates. This esteemed board provides valuable guidance on how we can best serve the labor movement and contribute to its growth.

American Income Life’s Dedication to Labor’s Mission At American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies, we are driven by a profound commitment to assist working families during their times of need. We take immense pride in the following initiatives:

Standing in solidarity on picket lines to support union members Establishing food banks to aid striking members Providing other forms of support as required Our union members at the Corporate Office actively engage in local, statewide, and national battles that truly matter – advocating for good jobs, affordable healthcare, and the fundamental right to organize.

For Further Details AIL is deeply invested in helping individuals, groups, and organizations fulfill their requirements. To discover how American Income Life can collaborate with your labor union to deliver valuable benefits to your members, please visit our Contact page.

From the very beginning, our primary focus has been to make high-quality insurance products easily accessible to the hardworking individuals affiliated with credit unions. We recognize the value of providing convenient and cost-effective benefits that might otherwise be out of reach. Currently, we proudly serve over 20,000 organizations nationwide, benefiting more than 2 million policyholders. At American Income Life, our unwavering commitment is to deliver personalized, one-on-one service that exceeds expectations for both credit unions and their members.

American Income Life’s Dedication to Your Credit Union’s Mission Credit unions have diverse and specific goals. We understand the importance of tailoring our marketing strategies to help achieve those goals. By actively listening to the credit union’s needs, we collaborate to develop customized marketing plans and services. Moreover, our marketing initiatives are designed to support the credit union’s unique objectives and strategies, all at no cost to the credit union.

Credit Union Services – Whether your credit union aims to renew memberships, enhance retention rates, increase member engagement in credit union services, attract new members, or bolster its community profile, our programs can deliver tangible benefits.

Surveys – Member feedback is invaluable. Our knowledgeable AIL representatives can assist in collecting data that your credit union can leverage to improve its efforts in becoming a member’s Primary Financial Institution.

Enhanced Loan Value – We work closely with you to identify members who require car loans, mortgages, or credit cards, enabling you to recapture revenue that might otherwise be lost to banks and other financing companies.

For Further Details AIL is committed to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their unique needs. To explore how American Income Life can form a partnership with your credit union, providing valuable benefits to your members, please visit our Contact page.

American Income Life’s mission is to safeguard the well-being of all working families, including those affiliated with associations. We firmly believe that every member of your association, whether they belong to a professional licensing organization, a fraternal group, or a recreational club, deserves the utmost protection.

Community Engagement At AIL, we actively encourage our representatives to support the communities we serve. Our dedicated representatives participate in initiatives such as food banks, community projects, and various local and state charities, striving to make a positive impact in our marketplaces.

Tailored Marketing Strategies We understand that each association has unique needs and goals. That’s why we prioritize listening to association directors and collaborating with them to develop customized marketing plans. These plans are specifically designed to address the specific requirements of your association.

No matter if your objectives revolve around membership renewal, expanding membership numbers, or enhancing the profile of your association within the community, our comprehensive programs are here to support you.

For further information on how AIL can form a partnership with your association, providing valuable benefits to your members, we invite you to visit our Contact page.